Iain Goldrein QC

Iain Goldrein QC is a retired Barrister and Deputy High Court Judge, with over 40 years experience. He spent a number of years as Judge in the Family Courts and the insights and experiences he has gained in his legal capacity has stoked a real passion in helping to provide a open future for looked after children and young people.

He is the driving force that has established the Cornerstones Foundation. He believes passionately that, given the right help and support, children and young people looked after can be as successful as their peers to ultimately live a fulfilling and successful independent life. He fervently believes that these children and young people have a ‘special’ skillset that they often don’t realise they have, developed from an inner strength and resilience to overcome the challenges they often face. He believes this strength-based approach can give them the edge provided they are empowered to harness it in a positive and constructive way, with the right support around them.

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