Benefits to your business

Working with us and supporting our work offers potential to your business.

  • By actively supporting our work, you’re demonstrating a commitment to wider social issues rather than solely profit margins.
  • It will help your business attract customers who share the same values of social justice and equality of opportunity for all.
  • You enable your employees to participate in the social commitment of our work and to share their skills and knowledge through the mentor scheme.
  • You will have a stake and a share in the success of our charity by enabling some great outcomes for our young people.
  • Successful fundraising and other activities will positively promote your organisation’s brand especially through social media.
  • Your staff will develop a rea, sense of social responsibility through our projects.
  • It will demonstrate the positive values of your organisation to your customers, employees and community.

Get Involved

We want to work with organisations that share our vision.  If you’re interested in working with us to help us offer our children and young people looked after future they deserve, then please get in touch.

The Cornerstones Foundation

If you are interested in supporting our World of Work programme or in any other way, you can talk to us.

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