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Wednesday 14th October 2020 by MarkK

Children in care ‘failed’ while some providers ‘make millions’

By Judith Burns
BBC News

Published 11 November 2020

The most vulnerable children are being “failed by the state” and a broken residential care system, the children’s commissioner for England has said.

Greater use of private provision has led to a fragmented, unco-ordinated and irrational system amid “significant profits”, said Anne Longfield.

The system has been allowed to slip deeper into crisis, she said.

The government said an independent review of children’s social care would begin “as soon as possible”.

Ms Longfield has published three reports detailing the plight of children the system “doesn’t know what to do with”.

She said the government has failed to respond to previous warnings that thousands of these children are in danger of becoming victims of criminal and sexual exploitation.

“The result is a care system that is struggling to cope and which in turn is not providing the stability that many highly vulnerable children need.”

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